Tuesday, April 21, 2009


They are once again all full of soup...and I have at last found the ideal stock-pot amongst the miscellaneous batterie de cuisine in the big drawers in the big kitchen.

You have noticed perhaps that all church pots, like all church knives and all church locks, are basically crap?

Church pots are most notable for the thinness of their bottoms (unlike church ladies, a quite different phenomenon), so that all food cooked in church pots no matter HOW carefully one adjusts the simmer and "stirs constantly"....ALL food, sticks and scorches. INVARIABLY.

Most particularly thick soups such as today's treat, split pea.

But this particular stock-pot, although conforming to type in other respects, when it COOLS DOWN, automatically releases the scorched patches, without scouring. It's just plain aluminum, not "no-stick" in any way. But oh the difference in the clean-up is just amazing.

I may have to leave a note taped to it, for whoever next fills the role of Soup Nazi in this place. "Use this pot and no other -- heed the gypsy's warning!"

Meantime domestic artefacts of great ugliness and dubious utility continue to ACCRUE on the tables of the rummage sale.

Breaking news: the display tables in the Lower Hall have been arranged in a chevron pattern this time around, in lieu of the usual rectilinear arrangement. SOULS ARE AT STAKE HERE FOLKS...stay tuned!

The weather is quite beautiful. For Friday evening and Saturday morning, during the actual sale --we are promised -- you got it -- more snow.


Auntie Knickers said...

Maybe you should take pictures of the 5 ugliest/least useful domestic objects and we could vote?

Crimson Rambler said...

that is indeed a brilliant idea!

Annie's Mom said...

Yes, Auntie Knickers, BRILLIANT indeed!

We could have categories: 5 ugliest salt and pepper sets, 5 ugliest pieces of costume jewelry, 5 ugliest things with no discernible purpose, 5 ugliest knickknacks, etc.


Crimson Rambler said...

5 ugliest vases designed to spill flowers on floor...

spookyrach said...

Oh, god, that's funny!