Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what lifts the heart

The ladies of the Sanctuary Guild had a fistful of flowers left over from the altar flowers on Sunday and I came back to my office to find one of their little brass vases on my desk...sporting a couple of stems of fuchsia-coloured carns, a big fat magenta Gerbera daisy, and a spray of...maybe it's statice? this is fresh and tender but it's one of the flowers that also dries well. Very cheery.

And the potentilla bush that Daughter Unit gave me a few years back is in bloom by the driveway. It's PINK...had made a few pale blossoms earlier but now it's in full flower with intense colour.

There are volunteer poppies coming up in the gravel of the far end of the driveway, very chipper. They blow in from the neighbour's yard, which is a blooming bower. Mine -- more "The Unpleasaunce."

reflecting on flower names...Daughter Unit and I have a highly specific aphasia about them. She can't remember "potentilla"; and I can't remember (just a second here)... "portulaca." I look at the latter, and I think..."polycarp? no, that's a saint... pocatello? no, that's a place in Idaho"...and then I stick, for some time.

I'm sure in terms of brain (mal)function, this inability is related to the inability to remember that it's crushed pineapple I've gone downstairs to the pantry to fetch...


Auntie Knickers said...

What a nice surprise for your desk! All the churches I've belonged to have been of the "give us $20 and we'll get it from the florist" variety. So it comes all arranged and no extra bits.

Crimson Rambler said...

Hi Auntie, Our ladies generally bring in a "bundle" from the florist on Saturday morning and make the four arrangements then; but after the Sunday services there is re-apportioning for delivery to sick/shut-in/etc. And that was how I wound up with my nosegay.
Sometimes they avail themselves of the church's own garden flowers -- the peonies are gorgeous in season but OH! the ANTS!

it's margaret said...

--you went to the pantry for what? oh dear crimson rambler (is that a flower too?) --go ahead and forget all the nouns you want; just don't forget your verbs.


Sisterfilms said...

hello, I tagged you for a meme on my blog FilmAching because I like to read your blog!

RevDrKate said...

Oh such solace in knowing I am not alone in this loss of...loss of...oh, dear I forgot what it was I lost! Glad you have flowers to enjoy even if you can't remember their names. They smell as sweet.