Friday, December 7, 2007

I can see CLEARLY now...

Decided to take today as a really-and-truly day off ... so I launched myself into the morning traffic about 7 a.m., aiming for the physiotherapist at the far corner of the city. Having a choice of routes to the most convenient east-west artery, I opted for the one WITHOUT the level crossing...we have monstrously long freight trains in this part of the country, and I was already a bit behind schedule...I was only about a dozen blocks north of home, when I saw red and blue (police) lights strobing away in the dark ahead of me. (Prairie Metropolis is basically organized on a nice numbered GRID -- avenues run east and west, streets run north and south.) With my fellow motorists I executed a number of lane changes before we all realized this wasn't just a "squeeze left" or "squeeze right" situation -- the street was CLOSED. So we all detoured impromptu through the residential neighbourhood to the east, and eventually back to a major road. Before I got to my appointment the AM Golden-Oldies station had announced: not a traffic accident, but a homicide in the small hours of the morning, passenger in one car shot from another car, after an altercation outside a nightclub at Too-Big Mall. Grim and sad and frightening. And becoming all too frequent hereabouts.

After physio, seniors' early-bird breakfast at the department-store diner...and then back across town to pick up new eyeglasses. A big improvement, although the floor, and the computer keyboard, and my lunch (and my hands and feet!) all look rather bigger than I'm used to.

The optometrist is in the art-gallery end of town, so I used up the last half hour on my parking meter wandering in and out of galleries, looking at paintings...just LOVELY...and refreshing to the spirit.

Popped into the church office to check messages, emails, Facebook, blogs...and "the breadman" came by while I was here: a parishioner in his early seventies who married his childhood sweetheart about a year ago, en secondes noces, and has been incandescent with happiness ever since. He expresses this by giving people things...especially wonderful artisanal bread from the bakeries he and his new wife frequent. Bless their hearts. I have two huge beautiful round loaves to take home with fuel a little sermon-work this afternoon (interspersed with ironing). I have a "Christmas" banquet to go to later on this evening -- residents of three seniors' apartment buildings, staff and Board members. That should be pleasant and undemanding!

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Jan said...

I hope your banquet was fun. I like older people, as I start nearing into that category (young-old?).