Friday, December 21, 2007

turning it around

A week or so back I decided it was time to be deliberate in taking vitamin supplements daily, bought myself one of those little weekly seven-compartment boxes (which the Daughter Unit mocks mercilessly as a sign of senescence)...I don't know what set this in motion, perhaps consulting with the optometrist about nutrition and vision. His advice was very common-sensical.

It's too soon to be confident about this, but yesterday I was aware of there being a LOT more energy at my disposal than has been the case for a long time. Usually when I get home ... everything falls off the to-do list except "the couch" and "the remote" and promptly lapsing into a kind of coma.

But not so last night -- I made a foray to the supermarket, bought a huge order of groceries, got them all out of the car (except the two frozen turkeys in the trunk, which are coming to NO HARM where they are -- it's ten below again) and into the house, cleared space in the fridge, got the perishables put away, loaded and ran the dishwasher, DEALT with a great pile of paper.

Maybe I've turned some kind of corner here. I did realize this morning that I had gone down to the front door and fetched in the paper and the milk without stopping to think about navigating the stairs! H'm! And I've got through 24 hours without outraging ankle, knee, or hip.

Or maybe it's just thinking about what holiday baking I could, realistically, do this week and next, that has improved morale.

Bright sunshine today in the bitter cold -- at the winter solstice here the sun gets no more than 15 degrees above the southern horizon. I'm not even sure of that number, it may be 11 degrees. Ah, but starting tomorrow!!!

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Diane M. Roth said...

you know, I have joked for awhile, that I need to take more vitamins, but maybe I really do.

love your blog.