Monday, November 3, 2008

election frenzy

Hard to think about anything much this morning except what the next 36 hours will bring on the other side of the World's Longest Undefended Border (pause to snicker). One of my Facebook Friends has posted a status line that she is away to one of those states with a vowel on both ends, to assist with her favored candidate's campaign in these final days and hours. I didn't quite know what I thought about the propriety of that; and then I reflected I'd have no trouble at all making up my mind about an "equal and reciprocal action": i.e., an incursion of visitors from the U.S. A. to "assist" a Canadian political campaign. Love y'all, you know that, but that manoeuvre just ain't on, 'kay?

And amid my cogitations I came, via several other blogs, upon this Voting Prayer. I think this is lovely...and practical...and I plan to adapt it freely to our uses in this, the True North Strong and Free.

Baptism yesterday was wonderful, two baby girls in the under-six-months category and therefore unable to show much in the way of fight. They slept blissfully through the proceedings. Thank you to the Sanctuary Guild who remembered that the baptismal ewer should be filled with WARM WATER, thank you!!!

And then over coffee we had an impromptu Corporation meeting and sol-ved the problem of the complete suite of new-ish overstuffed furniture heaped in the narthex (ever since Rummage, despite protestations that the purchaser was coming to get it, any day now). We simply appropriated it, some strong backs were recruited from among the saints present, and the furniture is now installed in our Upper Hall, thereby increasing its chic by several orders of magnitude.


Terri said...

ok....depending on the outcome of this election I may be moving to Canada....I suspect if the polls are correct, I won't need too....nonetheless one never knows...SO, let me know if you hear of any job openings....

I'm Still Me said...

Are you going to be in the Vernon/Victoria area next July to perform another baptism perhaps?

I have never felt such anticipation about an election in my life. I hope the greater good will come of it.

Jim said...

Dear Rambler,

My office computer has lunched its motherboard again. My email address book is gone.

Please write!


spookyrach said...

eew. I think cross-border incursions to help with political campaigns does sort of reek. Yep.

Laughing about your magnitude of chic up there in the True North.

Auntie Knickers said...

You can breathe again, mompriest and I will not be showing up on your doorstep with our sleeping bags...WOOHOO! Thanks for your prayers, and I hope all the McCain voters will be as gracious as he was in his concession.