Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday musings.

The sermon is hanging fire, a little -- MH&U had a heavy schedule of meetings this morning including a gathering for Pastoral Care...most of those attending have been Pastoral Visitors in the past under some aegis or other, one or two were neophytes. One, at least, was parlaying her expressed interest in pastoral care into a rationale for complaining about her neighbours' morals, manners, mode of life...this will need to be addressed. Next meeting -- in January -- we will talk about our own areas of need and how they can subvert our visiting.

But I feel as though a good, new, (re)start has been made on our visiting ministry at MH&U.

I read a column by Maeve Binchy from Dear Maeve, about how the "code" for visiting the terminally ill has changed in her lifetime. It added another dimension, perhaps, to our contemplation of what we are all about.

Meantime Sanctuary Guild were doing their thing, and mid-morning the diocesan hospital visitors opened their meeting in an adjacent space. The various activities managed to co-exist without friction, which is good. 'Tisn't always that smooth.

I am going out for a treat tonight to hear/see Monteverdi's Orfeo. Most exciting.

And tomorrow I have three services -- and voila, it's Monday again. A heavy week before us, but the worst of the pressure is off -- aside from this pesky sermon!

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revkjarla said...

sounds like some oofdah moments getting that pesky sermon done--but it turned out great!

I grew up in NW North Dakota...oof and oofdah were part of the language!