Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home again

We went and came back safely, swiftly and comfortably last night; getting out of Prairie Metropolis at 5 p.m. was the hardest and slowest part. As an urbanite I've got used to a rush-hour working "one way" -- the traffic on the margins of the city reminded me of a fact of my childhood -- "shift change" which is a two-way proposition. The road was good-- Son Unit is excellent company and a very good navigator too. About a dozen folks from Most Holy and Undivided made the trip.
The service ran smartly; good hymns, good feeling, and there was a most excellent sermon blending our thankfulness for the occasion, our thankfulness for Samuel Seabury's consecration, and our thankfulness for the Church herself.
As visitors from the city we were repeatedly warned at the party afterward-- "use your high beams! watch out for deer on the road! it isn't the one that you see crossing the road, it's the two right behind him that get you!" but we didn't see any deer or other critters -- and the one rock flipped into the air by a passing truck did no damage--just made a very loud and startling noise.
Home safely by ten-thirty.
And today is also a day.

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Jan said...

So glad last night went well and that you got home safely. Hope today was a good one for you.