Sunday, November 4, 2007

Solemnity of All Saints

So today I took another swing at the theme...I am some small way into Elizabeth Johnson, "Friends of God and Prophets," and I was so thrilled at her contrast between the way of manifestation and the way of proclamation that I quoted great massive chunks of the, I do love serious, sound theology.
Preliminary fun was taking the parish photograph for a farewell gift to our bishop...this took some time but we managed to capture all the choir and all the children minus one or two in the nursery as well as NEARLY all the congregation. We timed it for about 10 minutes into the service, before the children went to Sunday school, after the "sidlers-in" might all be present. Trying to get the whole gang together in one place is like Uncle Henry trying to trap the wild turkeys (does anybody else remember that story?)--anyway, all were in good humor, although it made the service longer than usual even before we launched into "For All the Saints" as the recessional.
Visiting Bass Soloist gave us "Come My Way, My Truth, My Life" as Communion music -- much joy. George Herbert had a lot to do with my being an Anglican in the first place; well, actually, in the second still resonates.
Daughter Unit has gone on a business trip, solo, her first, to LatterDayLand, reports happily that she has arrived safely and is planning to create retail havoc in those parts with her fat Canadian dollars. Son-in-law Unit is bach'ing it. Their first time apart since the wedding in July. He is trying to take the opportunity to train the two cats NOT to demand a feeding in the wee small hours of the morning.
SNOW this morning when we got up -- and ice all over the concrete apron in front of Most Holy and Undivided. Bless the parishioner who went out and spread rock salt on it for me.


John Brough said...

Happy to report - Cat's have made it to 6 am without "demanding" food.

A-AH le-hay lu ia, A-haha le lu ia.

Towanda said...

love that George Herbert piece.