Sunday, November 18, 2007


Halfway through my Sunday. These are the moments when I feel most satisfaction in ministry -- I can hear at least 4 separate activities going on in the church...a theatre group rehearsing around the piano in the Green Room (small meeting room, lower level); a couple preparing a delightful reception spread in the Upper Kitchen, adjacent to the Upper Hall; set-up for afternoon free concert going on in the nave and the chancel. This will be on Chopin as a Romantic artist, with slides of paintings by Delacroix. Coffee hosts clearing up in the Lower Kitchen from our post-worship fellowship time. Ahhhhh. The pianist is now warming up too. I love sitting here, listening, hearing all this purposefulness going on around me.
I have a small Holy Communion service mid-afternoon at a Seniors' Assisted Living complex on the south side of the city. There may be as many as a half dozen elderly ladies there. One of them is the "instigator" -- no sooner was she moved into the facility than she was knocking on doors, identifying resident Anglicans, and bullying them genteelly into attending our monthly service! They're a most endearing bunch...
And then the day ends with dinner with a home-group...3 self and #1 Son -- otherwise he is at home alone, having Sunday dinner alone, which would probably have been INSTANT NOODLES -- and that's just NOT right...
Tomorrow will be a full day with Vestry meeting in the evening and a lot of prep to do beforehand.

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