Sunday, November 25, 2007

St. Arnold...

...patron of brewers, and of beer. We celebrate his blessed memory from time to time, mostly sort of annually, kind of, at Most Holy and Undivided, with a beer-tasting. Truly, a tasting: very small glasses, and exotic brew-products.
We have a lecture first, on where all the sample beers were made and of what and for how long -- and so forth -- complete with implausible descriptions of what they taste like! And we have regional munchies to complement the beers.
A happy conviviality, even this evening, when participants had to tear themselves away from watching the Grey Cup game (think "Superbowl," only in Canadian football. Yes, it's different...).
So tonight it was English beer, and Scottish beer, and things like sausage rolls and kippered bits and English cheese (oh yum).
And then one of our parishioners talked a little bit about her experience of the Camino de Santiago this fall, with gorgeous slides.
And the right team won the Grey Cup. GO SASKATCHEWAN!!!! woo woo woo woo woo (etc. ad lib. ad inf.)


John Brough said...

I suppose if the Ottawa Rough Riders can't win the cup anymore, than it should go to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I can still cheer "Let's go Riders!" and feel a certain amount of pride.

The beer was absolutely fine last night though!

Crimson Rambler said...

it was that! I like that "Hobgoblin" and the London Porter was great.