Thursday, February 18, 2010

and so, Thursday...

Trying to institute some sensible and useful Lenten disciplines into my life...I've started by resuming saying the offices twice a day...using my little Book of Common Prayer, white leather cover, Confirmation gift from my inlaws 45 years ago, God love them...and my white leather covered KJV, gift for my FIRST Confirmation (different denomination) from my most beloved Aunt. The two fit together nicely in a lovely "Bible case" (came up in our RevGal discussions last week, I noted)--tried to find an illustration but to no avail. Think needle-point angels. And the good soul who gave me that, bless her, has been gathered to her reward this week.

This has been a "let's just stay in our pyjamas" day. But I have done a number of useful chores and have a few more targeted before I turn in...some of the Grubby-Disgusting type and some Fun-treat type.

I'm pretty sure, though, that the deepest truest need of my soul at this point is a decluttered abode. Or at least it's in the top five.

It's been a very nice and peaceful day. Thanks be to God.

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