Friday, February 19, 2010

First Friday of Lent

...mid-afternoon and overcast has moved in as the SUVs and Hummers assemble on our block...there is an elementary school just around the corner. When the Rambler's family moved in here 37 years ago...children walked to school in cheerful gaggles; now, almost all are personally driven, one child per vehicle. Twice a day, therefore, it is all but impossible to get out of our crescent--heck, to get out of my driveway--for about a half hour. Energy crisis? What energy crisis?

I have been helplessly watching Olympics. Most of these sports, if not all, seem to have Total Insanity as a prerequisite. Maybe not curling. But I wouldn't swear to that, either.

Still and all, they ARE engrossing.

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Terri said...

I do enjoy watching them...but think many of them are crazy dangerous...unlike the athelet I can just close my eyes or look away...