Tuesday, February 23, 2010

still here.

Internet connection is a bit uncertain this morning so I'll post now but as I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet I can't vouch for eloquence or even coherence.

Yesterday -- I activated a new credit card and shared the glad news with PayPal (of such small triumphs...) -- next I'll drop a billet-doux to that effect on Amazon.ca and that should accomplish THAT.

Went to the bank, banked pension cheque, paid bills, which accounted for rather more than 1/2 of pension cheque, but no matter. Bills all paid, including a semi-annual one which allows me to feel, however hollowly, AHEAD OF THE GAME for the moment at least.

DROPPED IN at grocery store and raided the loss leader department for green grapes, toothpaste, and frozen chicken, all prudent purchases. Received in change a $5 bill and various bits of coinage (from the change dispenser, which always stimulates Daughter Unit to exclaim, "We won! We won!"

[ominous minor chords very softly in the background, hold the thought of that $5 bill, 'kay?]

BETOOK myself to unfamiliar Evangelical Post-Secondary Institution to suss out the venue for tonight's discussion group on the Four Passion Gospels and the method of lectio divina. (Keep me in prayer tonight, please!)(And don't forget the $5 bill. DID you forget the $5 bill, O Best Beloved?)

EXECUTED crafty driving manoeuvre and accessed Mega Building Supply store where there was so little difficulty in finding an omni-battery charger AND rechargeable 9 volt batteries (in aid of St. Curious sound system), that I took a little soul-refreshing paseo through the greenhouse. SIGH. Admired the orchids, however settled on a Pothos (yay) and a poor orphaned marked-down $1 African Violet to join the motley crew here at Tether's End.

PRESENTED myself at the cash-desk [minor chords, louder], where I paid for the electronics on credit card, but what the heck, it's only a couple of bucks, I'll just pay cash for the little plants, right? Using my newly-acquired $5 bill?

NOT ON YOUR LIFE. Please tell me, somebody, WHO would go to the trouble and expense of counterfeiting a $5 bill? A CANADIAN $5 BILL? Ok, Ok, I know, anybody who has figured out that $50's and $100's get checked at the till, $5's don't.

Except mine. Very assiduous young salesclerk.

We parted friends, me with my plants and funny money.

GNASHED my way up the freeway toward home, and decided on the basis of my being a PENSIONER, doggone it (= Poor Old Lady), and knowing perfectly well where I got it, that I would REVISIT the grocery store with my $5 bill and COMPLAIN.

Which I did. And they swapped it for me. Bless their hearts.

Expect me in future to scrutinize all paper currency AT LENGTH to the infinite annoyance of my fellow shoppers. And if they mutter too loudly, I may bite the loonies and toonies also.

High time for some lectio divina, I can tell.
.. opening with Morning Prayer, "O Lord, open thou our lips..."


Annie's Mom said...

Good for you for going back to the source!

Mary Beth said...

Good heavens. How depressing!