Monday, November 12, 2007

But isn't Monday...?

Most of my colleagues hereabouts take Monday as their regular day off -- and our Stupendous Secretary has the day off -- so there is often a fine moment of stupefaction when people phone us on Monday and I pick up the phone -- "oh... there's somebody there..." It's not unknown for stupefaction to set in later in the conversation as well, mind you.
I like to take Friday off...when it's possible, which isn't always; and when it isn't, I try to take a few additional hours for myself here and there during the week.
Tonight I have no meetings, for a wonder; I'll be busy until quite late at least two evenings this week on top of some really long days (and considerable driving), so I think I'll get myself home here posthaste.
Enquiry from excellent Sunday School teacher as to what on earth Isaiah is getting at in 65:17-25...and how to frame it for senior-elementary young'uns.
Some possibility of friction between Sunday School teachers who want to use their class time between now and 25/12 to TEACH, not rehearse a pageant -- and the parishioner in whose head dance visions of pageants of Cecil B. deMille extravagance. This is where we put the tips of our fingers together judiciously, and counsel patience and clear communication.
Reading Mary Margaret Funk,"Thoughts Matter," which just came back from the person who had borrowed it...also Dan Needles, "With Axe and Flask," which starts out as a lovely spoof of Canadian "local histories" and turns into something much more serious when he brings his fictional township up to the period of the First World War -- very striking reading for Remembrance Day + one!

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