Wednesday, November 21, 2007

winter onset

Prodigious Secretary is at home today caring for her little girl, who has the flu. The office is full of the sunlight that reflects off a snowy external world.
No doubt this morning about what season this is -- "minus 18" on the dining-room-window thermometer. That's "old-fashioned zero" if you haven't gone metric. Lots of frost to scrape off the car windows and mirrors (I tend to forget the mirrors, until I'm on the road). And I don't think my one and only yarrow plant, even in its sheltered position sort of under the tall cedar at the corner of the going to manage to bloom after all. I think "she's done" for this year. We got all the way to a big stalk with a big flower head, still in bud...but that's it.
The Taffeta-cat is still among us. She tottered to her dishes this morning and ate a bit of kibble and drank a saucer of milk and some water. By the time I left for work she was on my son's bed, purring loudly.
I am playing hooky from a meeting -- in favour of a consultation with the parishioner who makes everything work, about our security system, specifically the door-monitor and remote door-unlocking mechanisms. That just seemed more pressing and more productive than the council of churches and a presentation which I've actually heard before.
I have an errand to run before I present myself at the dentist's office for discussions about a broken molar. I think it's crown time...sigh.
And then another errand to run, and then dinner with my kids and my daughter's in-laws.
Son-in-law convocates tomorrow as a Doctor of Music. What finer way to honour St. Cecilia, patroness of church musicians?
Son-in-law is also Director of Music at Most Holy and Undivided, which makes the chancel a pretty dynastic locality of a Sunday morning! Daughter is up front among the altos, Number 2 Son radiating good humour in the bass section. Let joy be unconfined!
Tomorrow wraps up with a big choral concert downtown, son-in-law conducting the city's "big" choir (=120 voices or so)...parents sitting well to the fore and trying without success to look modest.
Just found a website for "Scriptural Reasoning" which looks intriguing (I'm tempted to say, "about darn time too") -- with ecumenical and interfaith dimensions as well...and wrote a long e-mail to a very good friend in a clergy-killing parish.
Time to go.

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Jan said...

I empathize with the broken molar. Over the past decade, mine keep breaking. Too many crowns.

I haven't been in such cold weather since we lived in RI and NJ. Sometimes I miss it and other times I don't. It'll SEEM cold to us when it's in the 50s tomorrow, because today it got up to 90!