Friday, November 23, 2007

Positive Steps

...towards well-being...have been taken this week!
I got to the dentist and launched the paperwork to get our benefits-insurer onside with the New Crown on Busted Molar project. Meantime our dentist -- we're relied on him totally for almost 35 years -- built me a little biting surface out of some magic gorp or other, solidified by his assistant with the Purple Fairy Light...all is comfy there.
Went to physio again this morning, came away and went straight to the optometrist. My old one had retired. The new one appears to be about eleven...
But isn't it a treat when you can ask the questions you need to ask? and get straight answers? and answer questions and not get that "you're too knowledgeable, who do you think you are?" look.
And it's all good news, no glaucoma, no cataracts, no macular degeneration. New prescription, though...then to find frames that don't make fun of my face. I don't think Versace had me in mind when they designed their current line. We settled on some nice Donna Karans...HELLO THERE, insurer!!!
Also bought myself a lipstick this week for the first time in about 15 years. Whee! The Daughter Unit assures me it doesn't make me look like a Painted Jezebel...much relief.
Talked to my counsellor this afternoon, and now I am peeling everything off the top of my desk, re-organizing work space and task-files...
Again this morning at the physiotherapy clinic...listening to inspiring conversations going on all around me. It would be such a good thing to approach our moral and spiritual health, our discipleship, our growth in faith, with the same candour and gentleness and kindness that is in play among the recipients of physio. (I think this is going to be a sermon one of these days!)
For of the clients was exercising by propelling herself around and around the clinic space on a little wheeled stool (which squeaked ferociously). Another client asked, "How many circuits today?" -- "Oh, seven or eight!" -- "Way to GO, girl, when I first saw you you could only do ONE..."


more cows than people said...

wow. good for you.

Jan said...

Lots of steps forward. Yay. And I also need my daughter to tell me I'm not too painted up when I wear lipstick.