Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Productivity Day

More snow overnight and still quite cold (5 below, F'heit), but the wind dropped a lot since yesterday, thank goodness. Snow should "taper off," as they say, today, and then we'll have the "Arctic High" over us for some days -- lots of sunshine and colder than...[fill in your own comparison].
Last night was a treat -- supper out with a friend of 30 years, and then the Moscow Ballet, Swan Lake-- both our daughters were bun-heads back in the day, so one way and another we've seen a lot of dancing.
Most of it, admittedly, better than what we saw last night. Blessedly, we got the giggles simultaneously...in the 2nd act, when we realized Siegfried looked exactly like a man trying to remember where he'd left his car keys...clutching his brow, rushing eagerly off stage, drooping back on again...
But...the costumes were pretty and the music altho' taped WAS Tschaikowsky, and the baby swans were engaging, as always.
And we had lots of time to visit and get caught up...having met at 5 for our meal, in view of an 8 o'clock curtain (well, we just hate being hurried when we're trying to find a place to park).

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Jan said...

Now nice to be with a friend. I'm glad you had such a nice evening.