Friday, November 30, 2007

oh all right then

I have been encouraged by the GirlChild to take another swing at #5 in the previous post. So...worst ever gift...the Christmas when I went home to tell my parents I was engaged to be married. Fiance joined us for New Year's. Brought his Christmas present with him. One pair of mid-calf-height heavy rubber boots with felt liners. I am NOT making this up. Real, genuine, hog-sloppin', manure-forkin', rubber boots. It may have been the only time I actually saw my father at a complete loss for words.

To take the taste of that away -- best ever gift? Christmas of 1952, with the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in the planning stages, and Eaton's Christmas catalogue had a QUEEN DOLL, inside cover, upper lefthand corner--the PRIME placement in that great document! She had a brocade dress and velveteen mantle and -- I think -- a tiara. And on Christmas morning she was under the tree. I was just dumfounded...

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Jan said...

Funny boots, esp. with your dad's reaction. BUT the Queen Doll is something to imagine and your delight!