Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On the road again...

A peaceful moment in mid-afternoon. Thanks be to God, the weather is good -- we had a mighty windstorm yesterday, but it has abated and there is no precipitation in the forecast. This is of moment because I am about to drive toward the Cordillera, at least about an hour and a half's worth of travel in that direction -- reminding me of the Arrogant Worms' alternative national anthem:
"Oh the mountains are very pointy,
and the prairies are very -- not;
and in between is lumpy,
and boy have we got a lot..."

I'll be traversing part of the "lumpy" section this afternoon -- and back again later in the evening. My erstwhile curate and henchman at Most Holy and Undivided is now in charge of the parish in Resource-Extraction-Based Medium-Small Town in the hinterland, and tonight is his service of induction.
So it's very good that there's no snow in the offing! Number-One Son is coming with me for company. We don't often get extended conversation time--this is doubly a treat.
And I have NO liturgical responsibilities upon arrival; I can just stand about looking proud and affectionate!

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Jan said...

Safe travels. It's nice to think of your son going with you.